This product is created to help relieve air borne allergy type symptoms that result in sneezing, itchy/watery eyes, runny noses, itchy throat, etc. This product is typically made with fractionated coconut oil as a base but can be made with a different base (i.e. almond oil or grapeseed oil, if requested). Also includes pure essential oils: Lavender-known to be an antihistamine, soothing and relaxing; Lemon-known to be detoxifying, antibacterial and loosens mucus and Peppermint-known to be anti-inflammatory, pain relieving, and an expectorant.

Allergy Defense Roller Ball (10ml)

  • To increase the possibility of relief:

    • Rub across the bridge of the nose and under the tip of the nose.
    • Rub around the outside of the ears.
    • Rub along the hair line, keeping away from the eyes.
    • Rub  under the jaw line at the top of the neck.

    Note: Essential oils are homeopathic (plant derived) and can be used various ways to promote wellness. However, like any product being used for medicinal purposes, consult your physician to discuss any possible reactions or interactions with any medications.