About: Cramp Ease is a combination of grapeseed oil, magnesium oil, a hormonal balance essential oil blend, and Cypress essential oil, that together can promote muscle relaxation in the abdominal and back areas and can help ease other symptoms of PMS (i.e., emotional imbalance, nausea).

Cramp Ease Roller Bottle (10ml)

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    • Rub on the bottoms of feet and cover with socks 20-30 minutes before bed.
    • Rub it on lower abdominal and lower back area as needed.
    • Rub it on the inside of wrists and inhale to promote emotional balance.

    Note: Essential oils are homeopathic (plant derived) and can be used various ways to promote wellness. However, like any product being used for medicinal purposes, consult your physician to discuss any possible reactions or interactions with any medications.