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Individual Coaching

Achieving and maintaining health and wellness goals should be at the top of everyone's list of priorities; however, many of us are consumed with the day-to-day hustle and bustle of life that often results in us ignoring our self-care needs. One-on-one coaching allows you to take a guided deep dive into your areas of concern, get assistance with developing a personalized plan, all while maintaining full control of the agenda. Not only will you learn helpful strategies to support your health and wellness goals, you'll learn how to maintain the lifestyle you achieve, for the long-term. Working with a N360 coach helps change your perspective from seeing your health concern as a challenge to an opportunity for change. Learn more with a purchase of an Individual Coaching session for $75 (1-hour). Purchase 3 sessions up front, get 50% off the 4th session, or purchase 6 sessions up front for $360 (%20 savings). 

​For convenience and safety sessions are offered virtually.


Group Sessions

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Group coaching sessions provide you with the same level of quality guided support that is offered in a one-on-one session, with the added benefit of taking the wellness journey with up to five other like-minded individuals.


Participating in group coaching allows you to:

  • Develop/strengthen your personal support system

  • Increase the chances of you achieving your goal (accountability is key)

  • Gain a new/different perspective

  • Save money on the cost of service

  • Turn your goal work into goal play

Learn more with a purchase of a Group Counseling (4-6 people) package for $60 per person per hour (6 sessions 1-hour each).

​For convenience and safety sessions are offered virtually.

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Guided Meal Planning

Preparing a meal without a plan can be time consuming and overwhelming for some. Planning meals in advance can help you:

  • Save time

  • Save money

  • Avoid unhealthy options

  • Control your portions

  • Reduce food waste, and

  • Reduce the stress of last-minute cooking

Learn more with a purchase of a Guided Meal Planning session for $65 (1-hour). This service includes detailed information on meal planning and a completed 2-week customized meal plan. 

For convenience and safety all sessions are offered virtually.

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Pantry Makeover

Ingredients are the foods and substances we used to make a meal. Whether simple or complex, every meal you consume should be healthy, and provide you with the nutrition your need to achieve or maintain healthy weight, heart health, reduce your chance of developing a preventable disease, improve or maintain a good mood,  gut health, brain health, strong bones and teeth, and getting a good night's sleep.  There are several ways to make sure you keep the healthiest ingredients in your home, such as reading labels, eating the fresh rainbow, and dodging processed sugars, artificial colors and hydrogenated oils. Learn more with a purchase of Pantry Makeover session for $110  (1.5 hours). This service includes information on:

1.     Traffic Light Eating Continuum

2.     Label Reading Overview

3.     Traffic Light Shopping Tips

4.     Healthy Substitutions (i.e. Dirty Dozen, Clean 15; Brand              Recommendations)

5.      Intro. to Guided Meal Planning

6.     30 min. Follow-up Session (NOTE: 30 days after the initial session)

For convenience and safety all sessions are offered virtually.